LED gym lighting fixtures

Saving Money with LED Gym Lighting Fixtures

Gym lighting requires specific amounts and kinds of light to meet the needs of athletes. LED gym lighting fixtures are the best solution for gymnasiums. They’re the cost-effective and energy-saving lighting solution gym owners need. Saving Money on Gym Lighting Fixtures High bays are light fixtures used to light spaces that require illumination from long […]

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LED is the future of grow lighting

How LED Lights Are the Future of Grow Lighting

We’ve talked about LED lights for grow, but this just in: LED lights can actually make your plants grow faster! LED is quickly overtaking the competition by becoming the leading competitor in different industries, including the indoor farming industry. Compared to others, LED lights are the future of grow lighting. How LED Lights Are the […]

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your city can save money by switching to LED

Small Cities Are Saving Money by Switching to LED

You already know that LED is bringing about many changes to major cities around the world. Recently, the impact of LED lights has reached smaller cities in the United States as well. Here are some cities that are saving money by switching to LED. Small Cities Are Saving Money by Switching to LED LED lights […]

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Halloween decorations with LED technology

Light Up Your Halloween Display with LED Technology

Halloween is almost here! It’s the first of many holidays that are famous for their use of lights as decorations. Decorating your home for Halloween can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you lack creative ideas. Luckily, you can use LED technology to save time and money, as well as inspire your creative side. Recently, […]

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Halloween DIY LED projects

5 Spooky DIY LED Projects for Halloween

Here at LED Light & Power, we know how much fun LED lights can be, especially when you use them in do-it-yourself projects. In the past, we’ve covered how LED flex strips can be used as decorations. Today, we’ve got some spooky decoration tips and DIY LED projects for Halloween. Check them out! 5 Spooky […]

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LED in the city around the world

How LED in the City is Changing around the World

The city of Los Angeles has built a massive LED display, alongside their newest skyscraper. Here’s some info on the project and how it could apply to other cities like Las Vegas. How LED in the City is Changing around the World We’ve discussed how LED lights impact our health and the environment. The impression […]

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led light strip shoes

Top 5 LED Light Strip Decoration Ideas

Lighting up your life with DIY LED projects is simple and fun! LED flex tape is a bendable circuit board with lights on one side and an adhesive on the other side. Also known as LED light strips and ribbon lights, LED flex tape features a variety of colors and uses. Here are our top […]

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ideal gym lighting

Why LED Is Ideal for Gym Lighting

Lighting has a significant impact on our lives from our mood to our productivity at work. Many factors need to be taken into consideration when determining the ideal gym lighting. Here are some tips for lighting gyms and why LED lighting is the best option. Why LED Is Ideal for Gym Lighting Finding the appropriate […]

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benefits of led lights

Lesser-known Benefits of LED Lights

You may have recently read the most common benefits of LED lights over incandescent. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of LED lights. Lesser-known Benefits of LED Lights LED lights are more pleasing to the eye Lighting is all about aesthetics. The human eye prefers a range of colors when it comes to lighting. […]

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