The Future of Stadium Lighting at the Super Bowl

The Future of Stadium Lighting at the Super BowlLED sports lighting provides the optimal lighting for every sport from baseball and golf to soccer and football. LED lights are quickly taking over professional sports venues, including the NFL’s Super Bowl stadiums. LED stadium lighting provides the optimal lighting for athletes and audience.

The Super Bowl’s LED Stadium Lighting

In 2015, Super Bowl XLIX made history as the first ever NFL event illuminated by LED. The 49th annual Super Bowl was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The revolutionary project at the University of Phoenix Stadium replaced 780 conventional metal halide lights with 312 LED lighting products.

Super Bowl stadium lights

Other NFL teams have followed in the footsteps of the Cardinals’ University of Phoenix Stadium due to LED’s high efficiency and optical enhancement. The Houston Texans recently installed LED stadium light fixtures at the NRG. The NRG Stadium officials announced that LED stadium lighting would nearly eliminate the need for maintenance.

The Levi’s Stadium and the US Bank Stadium are also saving energy and money by switching to LED stadium lighting.

LED stadium lights cost less

LED lights pay their investors back in no time thanks to their energy-efficient design. LED lights live longer than conventional lights and need to be serviced less than their counterparts. The president of the Houston Texans told Washington Post, “The payback was quite attractive in terms of the energy savings, not just for our events but in all events that happen out here.”

LED outdoor stadium lighting

LED stadium lighting is best for players, the audience, and the TV viewers watching at home. LED lights are the closest representation of natural lighting, which gives even an indoor environment an outdoor game atmosphere. For football games, LED stadium lighting gives athletes and their spectators the optimal light for a safe and entertaining game.

LED-based solid-state lighting gives the audience at home a more accurate presentation of colors than other lighting solutions. LED lights don’t flicker, eliminating flashing distractions during slow-motion replays. The president of the Houston Texans noted, “You add to it the softer benefits of the quality of the presentation on television, the quality of the presentation for the fans in the stadium, a more vibrant stadium experience.”

Thanks to LED lighting, television cameras don’t have to keep the apertures on the cameras wide open during filming. The reduction of aperture size increases the focal plane and provides greater detail and more depth to the playing field.

LED Lighting for Any Sporting Event

While only three out of the 28 NFL stadiums enjoy the benefits of LED stadium lighting, it’s only a matter of time before more stadiums make the switch from conventional lights to more efficient LEDs. With a new football stadium coming soon to Las Vegas, its architects would be smart to design it with LED lights, the future of sports lighting. Learn more about lighting sporting events with LED sports and gym lighting.

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