LED Is Changing the Game: How We’re All Winning with LED Sports Lighting

LED stadium lighting is lighting up Super Bowl arenas and taking over as the premier sports lighting system and changing the game. LED-powered sports lighting gives fans and players the optimal viewing experience. Thanks to LED sports lighting, we’re all winning while watching or playing football.

We’re All Winning with LED Sports Lighting

Maximum visibility thanks to LED sports field lighting

LED lighting provides a more entertaining and visually appealing experience for fans both at home and in attendance. LED sports lights keep players safe by maximizing their visibility without hurting their eyes. Players have the freedom to play to their full potential, while players go roar with excitement as they score another touchdown.

LED sports lighting fixtures provide flicker-free replaysLED Is Changing the Game: How We’re All Winning with LED Sports Lighting

The instant replay repeats exciting plays and moments in a game to let fans relive the most epic moments. Slow motion replays are susceptible to subtle changes in lighting resulting in flickering and strobing on the screen.

Venues with LED sport lighting give fans the best instant replays, because they don’t flicker. Unlike other light bulbs, LEDs are high-frequency providing the best slow motion replays. Poor lighting shouldn’t diminish the greatest moments in a sporting event.

LED outdoor sports lighting is the most reliable

LED lights are reliable and always ready to go thanks to their ability to power on and off instantly. In contrast, other lighting solutions are slower to respond and take minutes to warm up and reach optimal brightness. Reliable lighting is important for any sporting event, especially professional championship games like the Super Bowl.

2013’s Super Bowl featured a competitive game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. The game is not remembered for the Raven’s early lead or the close final score, but the power outage that occurred during the game due to “abnormalities.” While the reasons behind the blackout were eventually reported, the game was ruined for many with some fans even being trapped in the Superdome for a short period.

Many high school, college, and professional games have been delayed due to the lighting not being warmed up. LED sports lighting lowers the risk of delays and power outages.

Change the Game and Win with LED Sports Lighting

LED color light and temperatures can be adjusted to match the atmosphere and mood of any sporting event. Fans love nothing more than seeing their favorite game with the best lighting possible. Learn more how LED sports lighting can change your high school, college or professional game.

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