The Reason LED Provides the Best Commercial Lighting

LED in the city is changing commercial buildings. Commercial buildings use LED lights to light, entertain, and even advertise to customers, providing ostensibly the best solution for commercial lighting.

Here’s why every building should switch to LED for all of their commercial lighting needs.

The Benefits of Switching to LED Commercial Lighting

Thanks to their versatility, LED lights exist in technology all around us.

LED lights are used in:The Reason LED Provides the Best Commercial Lighting

  • Flat screen televisions
  • Traffic lights
  • Vehicle brake lights

These versatile lights are taking over the entertainment industry and can be seen as part of light shows at concerts and to light up sports stadiums.

LED commercial lighting fixtures are worth it

Business owners don’t want to waste time and money implementing lighting systems that won’t result in a return on their investment. LED commercial lighting saves energy and money through energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. LED lighting fixtures are considered green lighting solutions thanks to their energy efficiency, so rebate programs are available on a state-by-state basis.

It’s not uncommon for industrial LED lights to pay the investor back in under a year.

LED commercial lighting fixtures have the best color temperature

The first thing people notice about the LED-powered commercial lighting is the light color and quality. Kelvin (K), the temperature measurement of stars, measures commercial lighting color temperature. The gold standard is our sun’s temperature measurement, 5778K. LED commercial lights measure 5000K, making them the closest lights to replicating natural lighting.

Lux studies on commercial outdoor LED lighting

A lux is a unit measurement of light brightness according to source and the size of the area. It is best to achieve optimal lux lighting measurement through lower wattage measurements. For example, a 250W metal halide lighting fixture can be replaced by an LED fixture with less than 150 watts, because LED produces more light.

Every year, more cities save money by switching to LED. Too much light disturbs wildlife and even other humans. It’s important to check with local municipalities and government agencies, such as the US Green Building Council for regulations.

Save Money on Commercial Lighting by Switching to LED

LED lighting fixtures such as parking lot and streetlights are the best lighting solution for commercial and industrial use. LED commercial lighting fixtures are more durable, natural, pleasant to the eye, and cost-effective than the competition. Contact us to learn more about making the switch to commercial LED lighting.

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