Small Cities Are Saving Money by Switching to LED

You already know that LED is bringing about many changes to major cities around the world. Recently, the impact of LED lights has reached smaller cities in the United States as well. Here are some cities that are saving money by switching to LED.Small Cities Are Saving Money by Switching to LED

Small Cities Are Saving Money by Switching to LED

LED lights are becoming the number one source of lighting all around the world. From Los Angeles to Dubai, cities are saving money and energy after making the switch to LED light bulbs. While switching to LED saves money and increases energy efficiency, smaller cities and towns have not been able to make the transition due to the high cost of switching.

After years of consideration and research, however, smaller cities and towns are now ready to make the switch and start saving money with LED lights.

Valparaiso is replacing street lights

The small city of Valparaiso, Indiana will be brighter, safer, and more efficient late this fall. Valparaiso is replacing more than 1,300 streetlights with LED lights. The small city of 31,000 people tested and researched the project for three years before switching to LED streetlights.

How much do LED lights save per year? Valparaiso will be saving approximately $80,000 per year thanks to their switch to LED.

Tompkins County

The small county of Tompkins in New York is planning a switch to LED streetlights. The city of Ithaca and a few towns make up the population of 100,000 people in Tompkins County. They will reduce energy consumption by 65% after switching to LED streetlights.

Before they make the switch, however, they face two options when it comes to purchasing the LED streetlight bulbs:

  • Buy the LED streetlights, or
  • Rent them from The New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG)

NYSEG offers a rebate program for buildings that switch to LED, but not for city street lights. Renting from NYSEG would eat into Tompkins’s savings by incurring a monthly rental fee, but the switch to LED would be quicker.

If Tompkins County chooses to outright purchase the LED streetlights, they can shop around and have more control over the light bulbs they use. This option would save them more money long-term and avoid the monthly rental fee.

How much do LED lights save per month? Tompkins county would save over $14,000 a month by switching to LED streetlights. That’s about $170,000 a year!

LED in North Carolina

North Carolina is the ninth most populated state in America and has recently replaced more than 10,000 lights along its major highways. The major highways center around the capital city of Raleigh, but the transition to LED lights is set to affect smaller cities and towns. The switch will include secondary routes as well as rest stops and visitor centers.

North Carolina is expected to save $56 million over the next 15 years!

Save Money with LED Streetlights

In the next few years, we hope to see more small towns and cities all around the world saving money by switching to LED lights. Explore our LED products such as streetlights to save money with LED products.

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