How LED Lights Are the Future of Grow Lighting

We’ve talked about LED lights for grow, but this just in: LED lights can actually make your plants grow faster! LED is quickly overtaking the competition by becoming the leading competitor in different industries, including the indoor farming industry. Compared to others, LED lights are the future of grow lighting.

How LED Lights Are the Future of Grow Lighting

LED light bulbs seem to possess the ideal characteristics for plant growth. They can be manufactured to take advantage of the different colors of the light spectrum. Having the ability to blend colors to produce a range of hues gives farmers the gift of customization.

Sizing up competing grow lights

Indoor farmers don’t give the all plants the same nutrients, so should they expose their plants to the kinds of lights?How LED Lights Are the Future of Grow Lighting

Incandescent lights provide red wavelength stimulation that helps plants bloom. They also give off an excess amount of heat, which can burn your plants. Incandescent bulbs are infamous for their short lifespans and energy inefficiency.

Halogen lights provide the full light spectrum, making them a favorite among indoor farmers. Like incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs are not energy efficient and produce a lot of unnecessary heat.

People know fluorescent lights for their high levels of blue wavelengths, which help plant growth more efficiently. Fluorescent bulbs are not only cooler than incandescent and halogen bulbs, but they are also available in the full wavelength spectrum. When positioned 12 inches away from plants, they provide their best growth results. Unfortunately, fluorescent bulbs contain high levels of the toxic element mercury.

LED light benefits for indoor farming

LED lights are the ideal grow lights because their energy efficiency allows indoor farmers to grow year-round, while keeping their costs down.

When compared to high-pressure sodium lights, the leading competitor in the indoor farming industry, LED lights came out as the superior grow lights. A Purdue University experiment discovered LED lights are just as efficient in growing plants as HPS lamps while using 25% less energy. This not only shows that LED lights are just as effective as the main competitor, but it also shows their supremacy.

Noribachi, a Silicon Valley-based grow lab, recently found that LED lights grow plants faster! When compared to fluorescent lights, LED lights have higher increased growth rates. LED light solutions beat out the competitors and are the future of indoor farming.

Next Generation of LED Grow Lights

At LED Light & Power, our lights are inspired by how plants absorb and use light. We know LED is the future of grow lighting and we’re embracing the future with the next generation of LED technology. Our lights use as little energy as possible for quickest and healthiest grow. Visit our shop to learn more about our LED grow lights.

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