Saving Money with LED Gym Lighting Fixtures

Gym lighting requires specific amounts and kinds of light to meet the needs of athletes. LED gym lighting fixtures are the best solution for gymnasiums. They’re the cost-effective and energy-saving lighting solution gym owners need.

Saving Money on Gym Lighting FixturesSaving Money with LED Gym Lighting Fixtures

High bays are light fixtures used to light spaces that require illumination from long distances and with ceilings higher than 15 feet. High bays are commonly used in arenas, gymnasiums, loading docks, stadiums, and warehouses. Gymnasium and fitness center lighting can greatly benefit from LED high bay fixtures.

LED basketball gym lights reduced costs

Gymnasium ceilings are typically over 20 feet off the floor, making high bays the best gym lighting fixtures. Basketball gyms have some of the highest ceilings, because the sport consists of tossing a high-flying ball into a hoop that’s ten feet in the air. The ceilings need to be especially high to protect the light fixtures from impact with a basketball.

LED gym lighting fixtures live up to 16 times longer than metal halide lights. Not only are LED light fixtures durable, but they can also last over 50,000 hours of use. Their long life helps reduce operational and maintenance costs for gymnasium owners and managers.

LED high bays produce ideal athletic lighting

Gymnasium lighting options need to reliably produce clear and bright illumination ideal for athletic performance. LED high bays can be grouped together to dim or increase light to fit the mood of any athletic facility. Different sports and athletic activities require different mood lighting for optimal athletic performance.

Fitness center lighting is the most challenging due to the diverse types of group activities that take place there. For example, aerobics and other high-intensity classes require yellow and orange light for peak, high-energy performance. In contrast, yoga and pilates classes need soft, blue light to focus on breathing and mental relaxation.

Save Money with LED High Bays

Gym lighting fixtures such as high bays are the best lighting solution for gymnasiums. LED high bays are more durable, energy-efficient and cost-effective than the competition. Visit our online store to learn more about LED high bay lights and start saving for your gymnasium or fitness center.

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