Sports Lighting Design Guide: Football

American football is both an aerial and ground sport, combining tackles and high-flying balls. LED lights provide the uniform lighting required to serve the aerial and terrestrial action on the football field. A sports lighting design guide is essential for planning optimal lighting.

Here is the LED Light & Power sports lighting design guide dedicated to football.Sports Lighting Design Guide: Football

LED Sports Field Lighting Design: Football

LED lighting provides the optimal lighting solutions for football fields and stadiums. LED lights offer a consistent level of lighting ensuring enjoyment and safety for both players and spectators. LED closely mimics daylight color temperature making the football, lines, and players clearly visible.

Sports lighting design guide to floodlight location

We recommend two pole quantities for football field lighting: four and six. A four pole arrangement includes two poles located on each side, far away from the sidelines. A six-pole arrangement includes three poles located on each side, closer to the sidelines.

Beam angle is the spread of light emitted from a luminaire. The beam spread of the LED flood lights should put the maximum amount of light on a football field without producing hot spots. The beam angle needs to be wide enough to overlap the distribution from adjacent aiming points.

The minimum mounting height for all poles is 50 feet. The mounting height increases to compensate for additional rows of luminaires. Mounting height increases anytime to prevent glare and efficiently use the light beam.

IES sports lighting levels

The Illuminating Engineering Society published “Sports and Recreational Area Lighting” to highlight optimal sports lighting levels. The comprehensive document analyzes the best standards for athletes and spectators. It discusses LED, metal halide, fluorescent, and even plasma lighting solutions.

The IES highlights LED’s energy efficiency, despite having higher upfront costs. LED benefits also include advanced beam control and less light spill and pollution than its competitors.

Sports field lighting standards

The NFL requires 5600 Kelvin of correlated color temperature, which is close to the sun’s temperature of 5778K. LED commercial lighting typically measure around 5000K, making them the closest lights to replicating the sun’s natural color temperature. The current sports field lighting standards include:

  • 250 foot candles for NFL
  • 150 foot candles for collegiate-level football
  • 50 foot candles for high school football fields

LED provides fans and athletes with a superior lighting experience.

LED Light and Power’s Sports Lighting Design Guide

LED lights provide optimal lighting to avoid sports-related injuries due to shadows or glare. Whether indoors or outdoors, LED high poles and floodlights provide the optimal lighting solution for the enjoyment of football players and fans. LED takes care of all your lighting needs. Learn more about the advantages of LED sports lighting!

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