LED Sports Lighting

LED Sports Lighting

Sports lighting supports a wide range of outdoor sports from baseball to soccer. The versatility of the sports lights needs to match the differing needs of each sport. Discover how LED sports lighting can fulfill these needs of various sports for optimal performance.

LED sports lighting requirements

At LED Light & Power, we have years of experience dealing with sports lighting; thus, we have the knowledge to support your LED outdoor sports lighting needs. We carefully research our lighting designs to help you find the proper lighting fixtures in terms of:

  • Type of sport
  • Pole height and quantity
  • Luminaire quantity
  • Distribution type
  • Direction of play
  • Aim and setback

LED products have the versatility to meet the lighting needs of any outdoor sport.

LED sports field lighting: baseball and soccer

Baseball, softball, and soccer fields have similar lighting needs. These sports require lighting from at least four directions to minimize shadows and provide the best lighting for the players. Baseball diamond and soccer field designs can benefit from either a four or six pole setup depending on the purpose and level of competition.

The poles are arranged to prevent an environment free from glare and light pollution. Both sports are played in stadium featuring a high-speed, high-flying ball. LED light fixtures improve visibility and don’t distract players or spectators as they follow the ball.

LED sports lighting: tennis

People can play tennis both indoors and outdoors, and each setting has different lighting needs. We can meet the lighting needs of tennis through either four, six, or nine poles depending on the purpose and level of competition. Long distances use a narrow angle, while close proximities use a straight angle lighting design.

Match facilities require lighting along the sidelines, but not in centralized areas to avoid tennis ball lobs. Recreational tennis requires an increase to uniformity luminance through an asymmetrical light distribution design. Indoor practice facilities require strategically installed light fixtures that don’t interfere with the serves.

LED sports lighting: golf

Golfing has the most dynamic needs of any sport with putting greens, golf tees, and fairways requiring different lighting solutions. Like all sports, the optimal lighting needs to be free of glare with luminance to track the ball in action.

Lighting around the golf tee should eliminate shadows. LED sport lighting should be installed on both the right and left sides of the teeing ground with supplementary lighting from a symmetrical direction to accommodate both right and left-handed golfers. Lighting can also be installed in the rear approximately two meters from the end point to accomplish the same requirement.

The lighting along the putting green the uniformity luminance to be at its highest level, while simultaneously preventing reflection while golfers focus on putting. Like at the golf tee, lighting must eliminate shadows from both the right and left sides. Light sources should be glare-free as the golfers move from the fairway to the putting green.

Golf fairways require a wide range of lighting to track and find the location of the golf ball. Lighting should eliminate the shadows cast by natural obstructions. Optimal lighting shouldn’t  obstruct the golf ball or the tracking of its light trajectory.

Meeting LED Lighting Needs for Any Sport

At LED Light & Power, we provide state-of-the-art LED sports lighting fixtures to fulfill the needs of all sports. Our experience in LED and sports lighting allows us to provide optimal lighting solutions to stadiums and universities alike. Contact us to learn more about LED sports lighting design.