LED Gym LightingLED Gym Lighting

Gymnasium lighting illuminates school, college, and fitness centers across the world. These athletics centers require specific kinds and amounts of light to meet the needs of athletes. LED lights provide the optimal amount of light at the lowest lifetime cost. Learn how energy-efficient and cost-effective LED lights can improve your gym lighting.

Gym lighting requirements

Athletic facilities require durable lighting solutions due to the variety of sports and athletic events hosted in gymnasiums. Despite their high ceilings, sports such as basketball and soccer run the risk of having a high-flying ball hit a light fixture. LED light bulbs solve this issue on account of their strength and durability.

Gyms traditionally have high ceilings which make maintenance risky, costly, and time-consuming. Athletic centers are composed of smaller exercise rooms with lower ceilings. Optimal gym lighting needs to be bright enough to light any athletic activity.

Gym lighting needs to produce minimal glare and deliver high lumens to please athletes as they work out. Glare can be distracting to athletes during a game or workout. High lumens allow maximum visibility and increase safety for gym-goers.

LED light addresses the requirement of gym lighting and solves all the unique challenges faced by gymnasiums and other athletics facilities.

Problems with traditional gym lighting

For a long time, gymnasium lighting options have been solved by either metal halide, fluorescent, or high-pressure sodium lights. However, these lighting options are not the best choice for lighting gyms and don’t fulfill all gym lighting needs. Both fluorescent and metal halide lights are susceptible to buzzing and flickering after extended use.

Fluorescent lights infamously produce harsh, bright light. Athletes spend a great deal of time looking at the ceiling during workouts and sports events. Athletes often complain about the unpleasant distraction from fluorescent lights.

Metal halide lights need to be warmed-up before reaching optimal lighting which results in inconvenient issues for athletes, gym owners, and managers. Metal halide lights prove to be inopportune for early gym-goers. These lights are especially inconvenient for gym managers, as they need to take an extra step and go out of their busy schedules to warm-up the lights.

All lights, including LED, experience a depreciation of lumens over time. High-pressure sodium and metal halide light use more energy and depreciate faster than the rest. Underlit gyms are aesthetically displeasing and unsafe.

Benefits of LED gym lighting

LED combats these issues with its energy-efficient and cost-effective design. LED lights reduce operation and maintenance costs with their long lifespans. LED lights reduce maintenance costs because of their durability and long lifespan.

LED gym lighting creates a better experience for both gym-goers and gym owners. LED gym lights provide better quality lighting to keep athletes focused on workouts and sports events. Their bright, high lumens minimize glare on gym floors and courts improving aesthetics and visibility.

LED is the ideal fitness center lighting, since the lights can be altered to fit the mood of a wide-variety of activities. Color tuning, dimming, and sensor controls create the ideal environment for any activity from volleyball to yoga.

LED Gym Lighting Helps Save Money and Energy

LED products are the best lighting solution for gymnasiums. LED light bulbs are more durable, energy-efficient and cost-effective than the competition.

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