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LED Is Changing the Game: How We’re All Winning with LED Sports Lighting

LED stadium lighting is lighting up Super Bowl arenas and taking over as the premier sports lighting system and changing the game. LED-powered sports lighting gives fans and players the optimal viewing experience. Thanks to LED sports lighting, we’re all winning while watching or playing football. We’re All Winning with LED Sports Lighting Maximum visibility […]

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The Future of Stadium Lighting at the Super Bowl

LED sports lighting provides the optimal lighting for every sport from baseball and golf to soccer and football. LED lights are quickly taking over professional sports venues, including the NFL’s Super Bowl stadiums. LED stadium lighting provides the optimal lighting for athletes and audience. The Super Bowl’s LED Stadium Lighting In 2015, Super Bowl XLIX […]

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Sports Lighting Design Guide: Football

American football is both an aerial and ground sport, combining tackles and high-flying balls. LED lights provide the uniform lighting required to serve the aerial and terrestrial action on the football field. A sports lighting design guide is essential for planning optimal lighting. Here is the LED Light & Power sports lighting design guide dedicated […]

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