Replace School Gym Lights with LED Fixtures to Save Energy and Money

LED gym lighting provides the optimal lighting for classroom lighting and gymnasiums across the world. Switching to LED gym lighting fixtures have a positive impact on student learning and the school budget. School districts are following the LED light revolution and making the switch to LED school gym lights to save energy and money.

Switch to LED School Gym Lights to Save Energy and Money

School district’s gymnasium LED lighting upgrade

In December of 2017, The Clay Central-Everly school district approved a proposal to replace the gym lights in all of the high school gyms in the district. The move to upgrade the school gym lights to LED was made to save on energy and maintenance costs. Superintendent Dennis McClain said, “The lights will provide some energy cost savings.”

The project is estimated to cost the school district between $3,000-$5,000, with the money coming from capital funds. Superintendent McClain said. “The lower energy cost will pay for the new bulbs in a couple of years. The bulbs will be more efficient and cost less to run. We will also have to change them less often.”

Benefits of LED gym light bulbsReplace School Gym Lights with LED Fixtures to Save Energy and Money

The motivation behind the school district’s switch was due to constant replacement of light bulbs and the associated maintenance costs. The school district reported replacing the light bulbs once or twice a year. The new LED light bulbs will last longer resulting in less maintenance and replacement.

Schools usually let a few lights die before replacing them to save on maintenance costs. As less efficient lights dim and die, school gyms begin to suffer from poor lighting. LED lights improve the quality of gym lighting and don’t gradually dim over time.

The consequences of poor school gym lights result in more than just high costs for the school district. Poor lighting is linked to the students’ focus and learning with negative effects on health and happiness. The LED lighting gives students the adequate learning to keep them sharp, focused, safe in the classroom and at the gymnasium.

Making the switch to LED

Clay Central-Everly school district’s switch to LED lighting fixtures shows making the switch is easier than ever. The school district didn’t replace any of the hardware thanks to LED retrofitting into the old fixtures. The superintendent noted, “The bulbs will retrofit right into the old fixtures, so we are not actually replacing any of the hardware.”

Make the Switch to LED School Gym Lights

We’d like to congratulate The Clay Central-Everly school district and every other school district making the switch to LED lighting solutions. LED gym lights provide the optimal lighting for athletic performance and safety. Learn more about LED gym lighting and the cost-saving benefits of making the switch.

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