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Top 5 Benefits of Smart LED Light Bulbs

Since the birth of the smartphone, “smart” devices have become more widespread, with smartphones joined by smart watches, smart key chains, and even smart washing machines. Believe it or not, one of the latest things to jump on the “smart device” bandwagon is actually light bulbs. With smart LED lights still being a relatively new […]

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LED Halloween Displays

Halloween is almost here, and along with the trick or treating and the rest of the festivities that accompany Halloween comes the challenge of decorating. One of the best ways to make your own Halloween display stand out above the rest of the neighborhood is with a new LED display. Through the use of LED […]

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Living room with TV in the center and LED lighting above.

Health Benefits of LED Light Power

Many people are aware of the fact that the use of LED light power brings with it an array of benefits. Most assume that these benefits are limited to your electric bill and your impact on the environment due to LED light’s lower power consumption, but LED lighting also provides a slew of health benefits […]

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Lesser-Known Benefits of LED Light Power

The amount of benefits that lie in switching to LED light and power are vast and go far beyond simply using less energy. LED light power is durable and versatile, making it the ideal choice for a variety of different situations. These are a few of the lesser-known reasons LED lights are a great decision […]

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Senior Center Hits Big With LED Light Power

The benefits of switching to LED lights go far beyond a simple lighting change. A senior center in Sacramento, CA, conducted a trial installation of LED lighting across the entire facility to test the benefits of the LED light power. The trial found that LED light power consumption was just a single benefit in a […]

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Facts About LED Lights

Sitting in the dark about LED lights? You may have heard or seen LED lights in Las Vegas and wondered why companies and people alike are making the change.   What are LED lights? Are they more effective than traditional light bulbs? Will they save me money? Where can I find a LED light distributor? […]

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