5 Spooky DIY LED Projects for Halloween

Here at LED Light & Power, we know how much fun LED lights can be, especially when you use them in do-it-yourself projects. In the past, we’ve covered how LED flex strips can be used as decorations. Today, we’ve got some spooky decoration tips and DIY LED projects for Halloween. Check them out!

5 Spooky DIY LED Projects for Halloween

LED is watching you

Do you need some great Halloween decoration ideas? There’s nothing more frightening than feeling like you’re being watched! Play into that fear with this DIY LED project using rolls of toilet paper, scissors, and red LED lights.

Cut out scary, eye-shaped holes in the toilet paper rolls. Then, slide the rolls into the center of a red LED string light and hide them in bushes and trees in your front yard. When you turn them on, this LED project will create the illusion of spooky eyes watching those passing by your house.

Afterglow from the afterlife

This DIY LED project will create an eerie glow that’s guaranteed to make a big impression. Use red LED flex tape to line your porch, entryways or even under your vehicle.

Ping pong ball lights

This idea comes from our previous blog on decorating a child’s playroom, but with a scary twist. Recall, all you need to do is simply cut the ping pong balls so your set of LED string lights can fit in them. To add that Halloween touch, opt to use LED lights in colors such as orange or red.

5 Spooky DIY LED Projects for HalloweenHaunted pond

This DIY LED project is a great way to utilize waterproof LED flex tape if you want to decorate a pond. Merely carve out a few Jack O’Lanterns (or buy the plastic kind) and place them around your pond. Using our white LED flex tape will give your pond a haunted atmosphere.

DIY LED costume

Making your own Halloween costume is always more fun than going out to buy one. This project is the most fun way to get your child involved by having them create their own costume (with your help, of course).

The concept of the costume involves decorating a child’s hooded sweater and pants with LED light flex lights to look like a light up stick figure. You can add elements of creativity to the costume by adding a face with the LED flex tape. Most importantly, this project can keep your little one safe by enhancing their visibility while trick-or-treating at night.

Spook-tacular Holiday Lighting

Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season, so it’s important to start off with a bang. A fun Halloween sets the tone for lighting up other holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Browse our LED products to inspire your DIY LED projects and light up your home for any occasion.

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