LED vs. Incandescent Lighting: Why One Is the Better Choice

You already know the benefits of LED lights for saving you money and helping the environment. But how do they compare to other lights? Incandescent lighting is a popularly used lighting source, but can it compete with LED lighting?

Benefits of LED Lights vs. Incandescent

LED lights are more energy efficient

Incandescent lights work at only 20% energy efficiency. What that means is that 20% of the energy goes into lighting the room, and the other 80% goes into heating it. Since light bulbs don’t exactly heat the room very efficiently, it’s essentially lost energy. Purchasing LED energy saving lights can help with reducing your energy bill.

LED lights last longer LED vs. Incandescent Lighting: Why One Is the Better Choice

We’ve preached about LEDs long-lasting abilities on previous posts, but we wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. LED lights can keep working up to 100,000 hours—that’s 11 years. That is more than twice as much as incandescent lighting. This is one of the ways LED lights can save you money.

LED lights are eco-friendly

There are absolutely no toxic chemicals in LED lights like there are in most traditional lighting sources. They are also 100% recyclable, which will greatly reduce your environmental footprint. In addition to the substances that make up LED green lights, since they last longer and are more energy efficient, it has as added bonus of protecting the environment and saving a buck.

LED lights are stronger

The benefits of LED, like recycling and its durable pieces, make for a sturdy and strong light bulb. Not only can they withstand incredibly rough conditions, but they can also handle just about any temperature from hot to cold without being affected in any way. They can even function perfectly fine in freezer rooms.

LED Solutions with LED Light & Power

At LED Light & Power, we understand all the benefits of LED lights and want to teach you more about them. Whatever LED lighting solutions you need, we’ve got them. Contact us to learn more.

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