Shedding a Light on Alzheimer’s

There may be a connection between LED lights and curing Alzheimer’s disease. Reserchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have found that certain combinations of flashing LED lights may encourage the growth of protective cells that can help prevent the onset of memory loss diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

LED’s Shedding a Light on Alzheimer’s

According to the research conducted at MIT, flashing LED lights were shown to reduce the amounts of plaque in the brain when tested on mice. These flashing lights were shown to the mice via a device consisting of LED light strips, programmed to flash at a rate of 40 flashes per second at a variety of different frequencies. At this rate of flickering, these LED lights would barely be noticeable to the human eye. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t guarantee a successful cure for memory loss diseases just yet.

The variance of mice and men

While the potential benefits of this study are appealing, there is still no concrete evidence that they will translate directly to humans. Historically speaking, mice have been used for medical testing due to their close genetic characteristics to humans. While this has shown to be an indicator of effective treatments for humans, there have also been numerous incidents where medications that tested positively on mice did not replicate those benefits in humans.

Only time will tell if LED lighting will help cure Alzheimer’s, but there’s no need for you to have to wait on receiving all the benefits that LED lights have to offer. Get in touch with the experienced staff at LED Light & Power today and set yourself up with an array of LED light bulbs and LED lighting fixtures for your home or workplace.

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