How LEDs Can Light Up Your Life: Try This Simple DIY LED Project

When it comes to life span and total operational costs, LED lighting beats out traditional lighting in every possible way. LED lights last longer while also providing better quality light for less money over time than traditional fixtures. At LED Light and Power, we’re particularly proud of the dynamism of our LED Flex Tape.How LEDs Can Light Up Your Life: Try This Simple DIY LED Project

This brilliant, cost-effective LED lighting solution is perfect for Do-It-Yourself-ers looking at different DIY LED projects for their homes and yards. Spring is in full swing, so why not take the time to lighten up your home—and your energy bill—with this great Do-It-Yourself project for the weekend?

Let a Little LED Light into Your Kitchen

Set off your cabinets, your counter top, and your china in just five simple steps with this gorgeous and effective cove lighting idea! It’s the perfect DIY LED project for beginners or homeowners looking to inject a little more value into their kitchen.

1. Decide what kind of lighting you’d like.

Do you want gentle cove lighting, brighter lighting to help with kitchen tasks, or are you looking for a more colorful aesthetic to give your space some flair? We have more than 10 varieties of Flex Tape to choose from, including RBG, Heavy Duty and Waterproof options. Pick the one that’s right for you!

2. Decide where you want to install the lights.

Our Flex Tape is easy to work with, so you can choose to install the strips under the cabinet, over the cabinet, or in the cabinet itself. Each strip of Flex Tape has prominent orange markers noting where you can cut through the tape to make it even easier to customize our LED light strips to fit your project’s needs.

3. Make sure you know which power adapter to use.

Because LEDs consume less than their fluorescent counterparts, You NEVER want to plug any kind of LED strip lighting directly to your outlet. Fortunately, all of our products are easily adaptable an array of AC, DC, magnetic and electronic transformers.

4. Don’t forget the accessories!

To complete your project, you’ll need a DC plug to connect your Flex Tape Light to a power adapter. Other types of accessories you may want include:

  • Gapless connectors
  • Power feeds and couplers
  • Toggle and dimmer switches
  • Motion sensors
  • Extension cables

5. Lay out your supplies, test the connection, and get to work!

Part of what makes Flex Tape such a DIY option for those looking for cool things to do with LED light strips is their easy installation and immediate results!

Contact us for more LED project ideas. We can also teach you how installing LED’s around your house can increase your home’s value while lowering your energy bill. Our lighting experts have worked on everything from warehouses to private homes—let us put our passion and experience to work for you today!

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