Home DIY Projects with Strip Flex Tape

One of our favorite LED products is strip flex tape. We have already shared how it can be used to create tooth fairy pathways and guides. Now we have some more everyday problems that strip flex tape can solve throughout your house.

Let Strip Flex Tape Light Up Your Life

LED lighting in the kitchen

Home DIY Projects with Strip Flex TapeIf your cabinets didn’t come with an option to light the counter under the cabinet, don’t start looking for bulky bulb solutions. Use strip flex tape along the bottom of cabinets to shine light on the areas of your counters that seem to always be shaded.



It can also line the tops of cabinets if they don’t touch the ceiling. You can turn strip flex tape on and off when you are in the room, or you can leave it on at all times to give some guidance to the midnight snackers in your house. You don’t have to worry about excessive energy use that usually comes along with leaving lights on because LED lights use much less energy than traditional light bulbs.Home DIY Projects with Strip Flex Tape

Another way to utilize LED light strips in the kitchen or dining room is to light up your crystal. If your formal crystal is on display on shelves in your home, you can place strip flex tape along the back seam where the shelf meets the wall. The light will reflect beautifully through the crystal and create a glow in the entire room.

Strip flex night lights

Home DIY Projects with Strip Flex TapeAn easy and classy way to provide a little night light for sleepers who don’t like total darkness is to attach LED light strips to the underside of a bed frame. Follow the edges of the frame all around and the underside of the bed will appear to glow.


Home DIY Projects with Strip Flex TapeIf you aren’t the type of person who wants a nightlight in their bedroom, you could still probably use some guidance during the night. Attach strip flex tape to the underside of your bathroom counter to provide a soft light during the night. It won’t be as terrible as turning on that bright overhead light, but will prevent stubbed toes in the middle of the night.


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