Dim the LED Lights this Valentine’s Night

Don’t hesitate to dim the lights for your Valentine this year. In fact, we highly encourage it. LED lights dimmed about halfway is the first step to set that Valentine’s Day mood. We want your evening to go smoothly. We want you to feel like James Bond rather than The Dude this year, so let’s go over some simple ways to avoid LED light dimming disasters.

Here are some of the LED lighting disasters we’re trying to avoid:

  • Flickering
  • Flashing
  • Insufficient dimming range
  • Strobing
  • Complete failure

Avoid an LED Lights Dimming Disaster

LED lights need LED dimmers

LED lights are being made to look and feel like CFL lamps. They are great for a comfortable switch to LED. However, they are not the same, and the equipment associated with them can’t be either. Many dimmers made for CFL lamps make some claim that they are universal or compatible with LED lamps. The majority of them are definitely not. It is likely that they will dim the light, but it will involve flickering and strobing, which is what we are trying to avoid.

Another common misconception is that all LED lighting is dimmable. Not only must you find a dimmer that is made for LED lights, but also LED lights that are capable of being dimmed. Using CFL dimmers or classic LED lights could result in all of the disasters we’re trying to avoid.

There is no industry standard for dimmers

No standard has been set for what consumers can expect from an LED dimmer. Obviously, personal standards and expectations involve smooth dimming, no flickering, and a wide brightness range. To be sure the dimmer you are purchasing meets those standards, stick to manufacturers you can trust.

Test the waters before date nightDim the LED Lights this Valentine's Night

Once you purchase an LED dimmer and then dimmable LED lights, do a little test. Set everything up and test it out. Make sure you have lights bright enough to give a wide dimming range and that there is no flickering going on. It’s best to test everything before you purchase it, but just be sure to fit in a test run before your date arrives.

Get (Almost) Everything You Need for Valentine’s Day at LED Light and Power

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