Is a Better Mood One of the Benefits of LED Lights?

You may have previously read about how LED lights can improve your health. The many benefits of LED lights can have a significant impact on our lives. Experts have studied the effects of lighting on mood for years. Here’s how LED lights can affect your mood.

Is a Better Mood One of the Benefits of LED Lights?

Is a Better Mood One of the Benefits of LED Lights?

The lighting in a room has more of an impact on our everyday lives than we think. Light is a very important part of our lives, as it’s everywhere from our bedrooms to our offices. The different levels of lighting and temperature are both factors that contribute to mood.

Lighting and its negative effects on mood

According to a study, psychological mood is at its lowest when people perceive light as too dark. The same study also found that mood also declined when participants perceived lighting as too bright.

Poor lighting and lack of natural light can actually put you in a bad mood. Poor lighting can cause eye fatigue and headaches, which would put anyone in a bad mood. However, poor natural lighting can actually lead to bouts of depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that affects people in parts of the world that are not exposed to enough natural light. These individuals experience of apathy, anxiety, discontentment, loneliness, as well as other symptoms.

Lighting and its positive effects on mood

There’s a direct correlation between increased color temperature and enhanced mood states of arousal. People are more attentive and less tired with higher temperature lights.

The study mentioned found that mood improved when lighting was “just right.” A lighting atmosphere where lighting was “just right” was also when the moods of the participants reached their highest levels.

How can LED lighting help?

When humans don’t get enough natural light, our brains confuse the awake/sleep cycle and produce the wrong chemicals. The common cure for SAD is light therapy. Studies show that LED light can reduce depression and enhance states of arousal. LED light therapy boxes are more efficient than the alternatives, because LED lights mimic natural light very closely.

You can adjust LED lights to give you a burst of energy in the day and a warm, relaxing light in the evening as you prepare to start your sleep cycle. Other alternatives such as incandescent and fluorescent light do not provide these LED light benefits.

One of the advantages of LED lights over CFL is that fluorescent lights are a bluish-white, which are great during the day, but they are bad before bedtime since they disturb our circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep can lead to moodiness and decreased productivity the next day.

A Better Mood with LED Lights

LED lights are the next best thing for your mood and well-being next to natural sunlight. Whether you live in a region that lacks sunlight or you want to avoid generally bad moods caused by the type of lighting in the rooms you inhabit, LED Light & Power can help. Contact us for more information on all of your LED light needs.

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