The Power of Light Therapy

Did you know sunlight is a vital part of person’s health and happiness? Sunlight is needed to create Vitamin D. It helps absorb calcium, which gives us stronger bones and teeth. Without light, our bones wouldn’t develop properly, and we would be overall miserable. Considering this effect light has on the human species, doctors have done extensive research in the procedure of light therapy. Learn more about it and how a LED light can help you.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

Light therapy is the use of light, such as sunlight, LED lights, and lasers, to treat common or minor health issues. The most common forms of light therapy include light therapy for skin, light therapy for depression, and light therapy for pain.

Light therapy for skin

The most common use of light therapy is to treat skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. During this light therapy, a blue light is exposed onto a person acne prone areas. The blue light then kills acne bacteria, without harming the patient.

As for psoriasis, a light with a high concentration of UVB light penetrates the patient’s skin and slows the development of the psoriasis cells. This means fewer blemishes and clearer skin.

Light therapy for depression

The changing of the seasons do affect you. They especially hit hard during the winter when the sun is further away from the earth. Winter doesn’t allow you to absorb as much full-spectrum light, which consequentially makes you sad.

No, seriously: SAD, otherwise called seasonal affective disorder. The most common and effective way to treat SAD is with the use of bright light therapy. During the therapy, the individual performs tasks under a LED with a full spectrum of light. This can mimic the sun’s ray and claims to make the person happier.

Light therapy for pain

Light therapy for pain is becoming a medical treatment for people with short-term or chronic pain. When the body is exposed to infrared light, or heat, the body produces a gas that enhances the flow of blood. As your specialist targets a specific area of the body with light, blood rushes to the area and stimulates the healing process. This can alleviate pain and soreness.

Get the Benefits of LED Power

We’re happy to enlighten you on this subject, but don’t wait. Reading and experiencing are completely different things. Equip your home or doctor’s office with the healing benefits of LED today.

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