led for indoor farming

Here’s Why LEDs Do Indoor Farming Better

Now that you know what light can do for your grow, here’s why LEDs do it better than your other lighting options. Many people are looking to LED for indoor farming. Why? It all boils down to efficiency. LED for Indoor Farming LED greenhouse lights have the same amount of lumens and are equally efficient […]

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smart lighting systems

How LEDs Can Enhance Your Business’s Security

Thanks to a new achievement in modern lighting, the security of your business is now greatly improved. How so? With advanced LED light solutions, or smart lighting systems. Here’s how improving your business with LED lights can up the security factor as well. Smart Lighting Systems for Your Business Keep intruders out If you ever […]

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lumens in led light bulb

What’s in a Lumen and Why Is It Important?

You may not know everything about LED lights. It is our duty to educate and inform consumers about LED lights, light solutions, and everything that goes into making them. There’s a whole science to it. For example, Watts measure the amount of energy involved in making a light bright, but do you know what Lumens […]

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LED grow lights spectrum

What Does the Light Spectrum Mean for Your Grow?

The concept of the light spectrum can be confusing, especially pertaining to plants and your LED grow lights. As it turns out, light does matter. Let us explain. Your LED Grow Lights and the Spectrum What is light spectrum? The light spectrum is a visible spectrum that shows the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. In other […]

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yard led solutions

LED Solutions for Every Kind of Yard

There’s something about outdoor lighting that just brings everything together. Having LED lights in yards just sort of makes a home look more complete and together. If you don’t already have them, how about considering decorating your yard with LED solutions? You could line the pavement or even decorate the trees. There are plenty of […]

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see the light emitting diode

What is Solid-State Lighting Anyway?

As you know, the development of solid-state lighting has occurred over the course of decades. But, it wasn’t until the past 10 years or so that technology has enabled solid-state LED illumination to gain a growing foothold in the lighting industry. Particularly during the last decade, the field saw growth in leaps and bounds with […]

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light up with LEDs

Even the Government Is on Board with LED Lighting

Since the invention of the first usable LED light in 1962, LED technology and accessibility have inarguably advanced in leaps and bounds. According to the US Energy Department in 2012, approximately 49 million LEDs were installed in the United States alone. This resulted in an energy savings of about $675 million annually. In fact, LED […]

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