Commercial LED LightingCommercial lighting illuminates commercial spaces such as schools, offices, hospitals, government facilities, and parking lots. Commercial buildings accomplish important functions for the general public. Learn how energy efficient and cost-effective commercial LED lighting can work for your building.

Commercial LED Lighting

The process of commercial LED lighting

Lighting designers create commercial buildings to reflect the type of functions performed there. Different commercial buildings require lighting from different angles with varying degrees of intensity. Electrical engineers, designers, and consultants meet when designing a commercial space to analyze levels of illuminance and the most appropriate fixtures to light the space.

Commercial outdoor LED lighting

Unlike its residential counterpart, commercial lighting can provide a variety of both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Commercial outdoor LED lighting can public areas such as:

  • Streets
  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Parking lots

Costs of commercial lighting

According to the US Department of Energy, it costs $38 billion per year to light all the commercial buildings in the United States. In comparison to residential, commercial lighting has higher initial costs. Commercial lights have a longer lifespan than residential lights, but often require higher maintenance and service costs.

Commercial buildings have higher energy costs due to heat output. Fortunately, commercial LED lights can combat high energy cost through energy efficiency.

Benefits of LED Commercial Light Fixtures

LED commercial light fixtures provide a cost-effective alternative with minimal maintenance costs. Commercial LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan than their counterparts, lasting up to 16 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. Commercial LED lights eliminate the number one cause of high energy costs (heat output), since they don’t radiate heat.

LED products are less fragile than their fluorescent counterparts, which are prone to popping and shattering. The durability of LED lightbulbs includes resistance to shock, vibration, and extreme heat or cold. Their resistance to harsh weather conditions makes them ideal for commercial outdoor lighting.

Save Money and Energy with Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED lighting is the best lighting solution for commercial buildings. Commercial LED light bulbs are more durable and cost-effective than the competition, making them the ideal lighting system both indoors and outdoors.

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